Most Popular Posts of 2011

This week marks two years of blog posts, delivered every Wednesday night (or Thursday morning for those that sleep in), whether you want it or not.  I’m proud to say I have not missed one in two years.

Here are the top 5 posts over the last 12 months (for direct visits to my website):

  1. The Most Popular Posts of 2010 – seems circular, doesn’t it?
  2. Upcoming Workshop on Systematic DFMA Deployment – a great time in Providence, RI – June 2011.
  3. Obsolete Your Best Work – lot’s of great feedback on this one, and a great photo of a guy smashing a Lambo.
  4. The Obligation of Knowing Your Shit – written after reading a great passage from Post Captain Jack Aubrey standing on the quarterdeck of HMS Surprise (from Patric O’Brian’s famed 21 volume Aubrey–Maturin series on early 19th century British Navy).
  5. Improve the US Economy, One Company at a Time – I’m part way there.

For those that subscribe to my blog posts, you have different tastes.  Here are your top 5:

  1. Learning Through Disagreement – written after a physics-based discussion with two talented colleges. A great photo of Tip and Reagan – two masters of working across the aisle.
  2. Pushing on Engineering – how to influence an engineer, written by an engineer.
  3. Improve the US Economy, One Company at a Time – the only overlap between the lists. I’m still only part way there.
  4. It’s All About Judgement – innovation is 90% judgement and the other half perspiration.  Good luck trying to manage it like a manufacturing process.
  5. Voice of Technology – who knew listening to Technology could be so sexy.

You thought these posts were important – you voted with your mouse.  So, please retweet, email, or send this post to those that matter to you. Pay it forward.

I look forward to another great year.  Thanks for reading.


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