Assembly Magazine Column – Shipulski On Design

Robots and factories are no longer differentiators

Simplicity Isn’t Simple

Cost of Spending Too Little

The Yin and Yang of Standard Work

No At The Expense Of Yes

Bet On The Solvers

What’s Your Perspective?

When Best Practices Aren’t Best

Build To Learn

Product Before Process

Solving The Wrong Problem

The Power Of Constraints

Small Is Good

Make It Where You Sell It

Lean and Supply Chain Sensitivity

The Bottom-Up Revolution

How to Make Your Green Programs Actionable

Engineering’s Contribution to the Profit Equation

The Savings from Lean Have Been Small The Missing Element of Lean



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Back To Basics With DFMA —

Getting Leaner at the Design Stage — IndustryWeek

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Engage Product Design in DFMA Now; Achieve Lean Savings of 30 to 50 Percent Later — SME Lean Directions

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Systematic DFMA Deployment It Could Resurrect US Manufacturing

Why DFMA Efforts Fail Design for Manufacturing – what is it and how does it fit with Design for Function, Design for Assembly and Design for Cost

Six Lessons Learned from a Successful DFA Program


Position Pieces

What is a DFMA Culture

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