On Independence

young and oldWhen I think of independence:

I know I can speak my mind, but must remember others have the same right.

I know how lucky I am, but must keep in mind others are not.

I think of my wonderful rights, but steep in the huge obligation that comes with them.

I sometimes forget I have first world problems, and know I cannot truly comprehend third world problems.

I know I didn’t have to sacrifice anything, but others willingly sacrificed everything.

I must remember that I have it good, and I have an obligation to give back.

I must remember that my independent thought isn’t necessarily right, it’s just independent.

I want to keep in front of me we’re all immigrants, we just differ in when we arrived.

I must remember that independence is fueled by diversity, and our differences must be respected and validated.

I know my kids take for their independence for granted, but so do I.

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  • Mike Traum:


    First catching up on your blog today. This posting for July 4th is awesome! Did you get a lot of clicks on this one? Or comments? This is so good that you should repeat it every year, perhaps with updates to make it current with the times. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the freedom and obligations that our American ideals and institutions bestow upon us as citizens.

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