Things aren’t impossible on their own, our thinking makes them so.

Impossible is not about the thing itself, it’s a statement about our state of mind.

When we say impossible, we really say we lack confidence to try.

When we say impossible, we really say we are too afraid to try.

The mission of impossible is to shut down all possibility of possibility.

To soften it, we say almost impossible, but it’s the same thing.

When we say impossible, we make a big judgment – but not about the thing – about ourselves.

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  • Yes! Thanks for the nice advice >
    I have a poster before me on similar veins.
    Impossible as Possible. Try and Try again .Then you will reach your goal .
    I am trying my best to propagate DFM here in India on a similar hope .
    Please visit and give your comments .
    I am planning my second visit to US by August 2012 .Will it be possible for me to interact with you while in US on DFM ?

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