Choose Your Path

There are only three things you can do:


1. Do what you’re told. This is fine once in a while, but not fine if you’re also told how.


2. Do what you’re not told. This is the normal state of things – good leaders let good people choose.


3. Do what you’re told not to. This is rarified air, but don’t rule it out.

3 Responses to “Choose Your Path”

  • Seamus Ennis:

    These are great, at face value, but how the hell is a person supposed to know when to do either, when all we’ve been conditioned to do (thru rewards and punishment) is to do what we’re told?

    The point here is that it takes great courage to step beyond that conditioning.

    The first clue is realizing that those who tell us what to do are just as lost as we’ve been. They don’t have all the answers, so why should we listen (only) to them?

    Then we need to develop our own system for divining answers from what we see around us and learn to trust that more than the orders we’re given. It takes significant self-reflection to fine tune our “inner bullshit detector” (Hemingway) and begin to intuit what IS true. This also takes practice, starting in areas that don’t impact that many people, but working toward larger projects once we learn to trust it more.

    This doesn’t mean that there won’t be consequences, even when we’re right. I was once laid off by the very boss who praised my “out of the box thinking” because the box was too comfortable for him. But I realized (after the shock) that he had set me free from his limitations.

    It’s a great life, if you have the cajones for it!

  • Mike:

    Great comment.

    Great question – How are we supposed to know what to do when we’re conditioned to do what we’re told?

    Thank you for contributing such great content and context.


  • Doug Hoover:

    I came back to this after your Nov 8th post(2012).

    After some thought I reached this conclusion.

    There is only one path to follow.

    You are correct there are 3 things you can do.
    But after reading the comment by Seamus Ennis I
    agree with him when you chose your path.

    Do what you know as right.

    And don’t be afraid to question your beliefs and
    knowledge. If you need to change, then change.
    Make your decision and then act. (Like how I tied
    in one of the other “top 5” posts?)

    I was tempted by ‘do what is best’ but if it’s
    right isn’t it ultimately for the best?

    You can learn from the past. This was better
    for me the second time.

    Thanks Mike and Seamus

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