Out Of Gas

You know you’re out of gas when:

  • You answer email punctually instead of doing work.
  • You trade short term bliss for long term misery.
  • You accept an impossible deadline.
  • You sit through witless meetings.
  • You comply with groupthink.
  • You condone bad behavior.
  • You placate your boss.
  • You write a short post with a bulletized list — because it’s easier.

5 Responses to “Out Of Gas”

  • Got to the last bullet point and laughed out loud. Hmmm, let’s see – If you’re really out of gas, let’s see how long it takes you to respond to this comment….

  • Mike:

    I’m only half out of gas.

  • Robert Seay:

    Re: Shipulski

    Here’s another bullet for your list:

    ª You’re retired and blogs are entertainment.

    However, you are correct in your observation. I am surprised sometimes when the responses come so quick from presumeably working engineers.

    I retired recently, but keep up with the technology through magazines and blogs such as this on. I enjoy the Sherlock Ohms, and yours among others. I have always enjoyed solving problems. I contribute to the blogs when I think my comments could shed more light on the issue. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Jay Jason:

    OK, Pull up to the high octane Optimism pump and fill er up! Our future is so bright we need Sunglasses. The good ship Universe is steaming ahead exactly as it should and we have a front row seat on the Bow. Bring it on Gas suckers!

  • Okay…You are excused this time, Mike (Lord I have been there too, lately). Sounds like somebody needs a vacation! Do something different and backwards like pizza & margaritas for breakfast.

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