The Abundance Mindset

We’re too busy. All of us. Too busy. And we better get used to it: too busy is the rule. But how to make too busy feel good? How to make yourself feel good? How to make the work better?

Pretend there is abundance; plenty for all; assume an abundance mindset.

There’s a subtle but powerful shift with the abundance mindset. Here’s the transition:

me to we

talk to listen

verify to trust

fear to confidence

comply to embrace

compete to collaborate

next month to next week

can’t to could, could to can

no to maybe, maybe to how

The abundance mindset is not about doing more; it’s about what we do and how we do. With the abundance mindset everyone feels better, our choices are better, and our work is better.

Lincoln said “Happiness is a choice.” I think it’s the same with abundance. We’ll always be too busy, but, if we choose, there will always be an abundance of thoughtfulness, caring, and mutual respect.

6 Responses to “The Abundance Mindset”

  • Clare Goldsberry:

    Good morning, Mike – Nice thoughts – as a long-time Buddhist practitioner, I appreciate what you are saying. I’m also taking a class with a good friend who is a Science of Mind practitioner (very similar philosophy to Buddhism – All is Mind), and the Abundance mindset is something we talked about in class. If we all had an abundance mindset there would be less fear of “not enough for me” and hence more peaceful Minds.

    Namaste – Clare

  • Mike:

    Thank you, Clare.

    All is Mind. I like that. And I agree that, while difficult to describe and more difficult to attain, the Abundance Mindset leads to more peaceful Minds.


  • Jayaraman Kiruthi Vasan:

    Very true.

  • we can listen, trust, have confidence, comply to embrace, collaborate, not next week, but today.
    If we know how.

    It’s a learning experience, and it works.
    Communication helps to go from competition to collaboration.

  • Mike:

    Dirk, as you say, there is no need to wait. Create an atmosphere of mutual respect and transition to collaboration. Do it now, learn, and do it again.


  • Mike:

    Thanks for your vote of approval. What about the post was most meaningful to you? And why? Your thoughts will add some much needed context to my post.


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