You’re worth it.

Tessie loves babyWhy are you holding back?  Why aren’t you giving your best?  Why are you blocking yourself?

An open, honest disagreement can be a positive learning experience for both.  If your intensions are good, everything works out well. I’m not sure why, but when your pockets are full of good intensions, the universe is kind to you.

But the universe’s kindness doesn’t manifest in the outcome you want. It’s a better teacher than that.  The universe has been around a long time and has seen it all.  It understands context.  And it has a good memory.  It uses both as input for its outputs. And to keep things lively, it often exercises its dry sense of humor.  But more than anything, the universe is a good judge of character.  And that’s how it decides how things should go.

A situation has no inherent emotional component.  Any emotion attached to the situation is attached by you.  If you feel fear, it’s not the situation.  You’re afraid.  Things aren’t scary, you make them scary.  Situations don’t hold you back, you do.

Fear is a protection mechanism.  But from what?  If you hold back because you’re afraid what others will think, you are protecting yourself from judgement.  At the surface it looks like you are afraid of being judged by others, but that’s not it. You are afraid of being judged by you.  But if your intensions are good, the universe will give you what you deserve.  There’s nothing to fear.  Yet, you block yourself.

You’re not afraid others will judge you as second class.  You want to avoid the discomfort of judging yourself as second class.  You don’t put yourself out there because you don’t want to be reminded that you don’t feel good about yourself.  People and situations can’t knock you down a rung, only you can.  You have control over how much love you give yourself. And it’s time to give yourself more.

This may sound silly, but it’s not – if you make a little time every day to wish yourself kindness, happiness and peace you will have more peace and happiness.  You will attach less fear to situations judge yourself less and block yourself less.

Give it a try.  You’re worth it.

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