It Can’t Be Innovation If…

Riding Backward

Companies strive for predictability, yet if it’s predictable, it cannot be innovation.

We seek comfort in our work, but if it’s comfortable it can’t be innovation.

Businesses like to grow by selling more to the customers we have, but if existing customers can recognize it, it can’t be innovation.

We want to meet year end numbers, but if the project will generate profit in the year it begins, it can’t be innovation.

We love our standardized processes, but if it’s standard, it cannot be innovation.

If there’s consensus, it’s not innovation.

If the project isn’t wreaking havoc with your organizational norms, it can’t be innovation.

If the market already exists, it can’t be innovation.

If you’ve done it before, it can’t be innovation.

If you are following a best practice, it can’t be innovation.

If there’s a high probability it will work, it can’t be innovation.

If people aren’t threatened, it can’t be innovation.

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  • Craig Tallar:

    I have witnessed many of these presented traits with three as primary; comfort in work, consensus and threatened. When the loyal members only know one way for over a decade or more, innovation challenges their way of life. And this will stifle the project and move it to failure; therefore return to “this is the way we always done it” mentality. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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