Accomplishments in 2013 (Year Four)


Accomplishments in 2013

  • Fourth year of weekly blog posts without missing a beat or repeating a post. (251 posts in total.)
  • Third year of daily tweets – 2,170 in all. (@mikeshipulski)
  • Second year as Top 40 Innovation Bloggers (#12) – Innovation Excellence, the web’s top innovation site.
  • Seventh consecutive year as Keynote Speaker at International Forum on DFMA.
  • Fourth year of LinkedIn working group – Systematic DFMA Deployment.
  • Third year writing a column for Assembly Magazine (6 more columns this year).
  • Wrote a book — PRODUCT PROCESS PEOPLE – Designing for Change (Which my subscribers can download for free.)


Top 5 Posts

  1. What They Didn’t Teach Me In Engineering School — a reflection on my learning after my learning.
  2. Guided Divergence — balancing act of letting go and shaping the future.
  3. Innovation in 26 words — literally.
  4. Lasting Behavioral Change — easy to say, tough to do.
  5. Prototype The Unfamiliar — test early and often.


I look forward to a great year 5.

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  • And that’s not your full-time job. Amazing record of production, Mike, and more amazing is how much fog you’ve lifted around the subjects of innovation, motivation and organizational efficiency!

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