2010 – Mike’s year in review

I looked back at 2010 and put together the list of things I shipped. (I got the idea from Seth Godin.)  I made the list for me, to make sure I took some time to feel good about me and my work.  I do.

I want to share the list with you (because I’m proud of it).  So here it is:

65 posts (goal was 52)

4 articles –

Workshop on DFMA Deployment

Keynote presentation DFMA Forum

Started a LinkedIn working group on Systematic DFMA Deployment

Pretended to be a country

Wrote an obituary for Imagination

Sought out Vacation’s killer

Put out a warrant on Dumb-Asses

Wrote about balsamic vinaigrette

Looked into the DoD’s affordability eyeball

Told Secretary of Defense Gates how to save $50 billion (He hasn’t returned my calls.)

I hope you had a good year as well.  Mike

2 Responses to “2010 – Mike’s year in review”

  • Lori:

    Crazy picture!

  • Great year, Mike, please continue the same passionate and well-argued “shipments” in 2011. The picture is an excellent metaphor for looking differently and with an wide-opened eye (a symbol for the mind) at the world, which I believe is the core of your writing on engineering and engineers. It is very poetic.

    P.S. I would like to post a link to your article “Cured Offshoring” on my website, if you agree.

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